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Too many books! I need an intervention?

I have too many books. Or do I? Do I need an intervention?

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Yesterday was the perfect day for organizing. It was rainy. We watched some great sermons, had many cups of coffee, and had a lazy day all around. By the afternoon, I thought, why not organize something? I have way too many books. So I started there.

I only worked on one small bookcase but it held about fifty books. Remember, I said one small bookcase. So times that by about four other places. Yikes! Too many books?

So, of course, as I was going through them I had to read some of each. And, of course, the more I read, the more I couldn’t get rid of any. Finally, I thought I had to figure out a way to get rid of at least a few of them.

The PlanS

The first plan

The first plan was, I’ll keep all my favorite authors. But they’re all my favorite authors! I mean we’re talking Lucado, Shirer, Stanley, Ortberg, Willard, Spurgeon, ……

Plan two

How about, books I am no longer interested in? Nope. I’m interested in all of them. I should add these were my reference books, books about spirituality, spiritual disciplines, mental health issues, Bible studies, commentaries. Plus, I’m writing more books so I do actually need them.

Still. I knew I needed to get rid of a few anyway.

Plant three

How about copyright? Get rid of the old ones. Never. Now, we’re talking Spurgeon, Tozer, Nouwen, Lloyd-martin Jones, Willard Lockyer. Sure couldn’t get rid of the classics.

So how did I decide?

The final rediculous plan

Believe it or not, I went by the print size and print format. Ridiculous, of course, but I had to make some decisions.

So after all that mind-bending-decision-making, I only got rid of five. Five!!!

Why I read

Can you tell? I am a bibliophile. And I’m glad I am. I can’t think of another “‘phile” I’d rather be. Besides, I owe to all my readers here and through my books to be as knowledgeable as I can be.

And frankly, I don’t get how anyone doesn’t read. A lot. There is so much to learn. And if we think there isn’t, then we absolutely need to read.

So with all that being said, I have a free offer for you. I will be giving away book “stubs”, (essentially a gift certificate for new book about depression. When you begin to read this blog, there is a pop-up that allows you to follow this blog. If you didn’t catch it when it popped up, just close this screen and access the site again. I will get receive your name.

If you’re already following me, your name will also go into the “pot”. I hate it when there is an offer for a “new” anything and I’ve already signed up and therefore am not qualified. I wanted to make sure I covered current followers as well. I only ask that you leave a comment on either Amazon or B & N. (You can do that whether you bought the book there or not.)

Anyway, I hope you have a good day. God bless each of you.

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