could this be the last prayer?


I believe that at times God gives me very specific insight into how to pray for a person or a situation. Sometimes I run into a roadblock of sorts when praying for someone because I sense there is more to the situation and if I knew more, I could pray more intelligently.

God doesn’t always give us such information of course. The few times its happened to me have been when I’ve been about ready to give up. I feel stymied in my prayers and have a hunch I don’t know enough to pray as effectively as I could. When this happens, I’ve prayed that God would give me a “heads up”. It might not always be specific information. I might be a book I run across, a Bible verse, something someone says and I know instantly that God is directing me to pray in a different way.


Praying for others is the highest calling for Christians. Intercessory prayer is just plain hard work and when it’s someone you dearly love, it’s even harder because you have to get past your own feelings. Having specific information, even though it’s painful to hear sometimes, equips us to pray intelligently and with more fervor than if we’re just praying for “God’s will to be done.”

It’s also a delicate dance praying for others and their struggles and at the same time not being judgmental. I always pray that God will give me loving and non-judgmental words.

As I said, this hasn’t happened to me regularly but when it does  it’s kind of like God’s call to a “prayer battle”. This is not a “nosy” kind of questioning God. Believe me, God wouldn’t answer that kind of prayer anyway.

If you’re in my shoes tonight, don’t give up praying for that one you love. A person of prayer hangs on and on. Besides, you never know when that prayer you pray might be the last one you ever have to pray for that person or that situation because it’s the one that’s going to get answered.

Why would you stop short?

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

2 thoughts on “could this be the last prayer?”

  1. Hi Rebecca, I’ve had this thought on my recently also. I never tell someone I’ll pray for them and then don’t. But I’ve also learned that I sometimes forget – so I stop what I’m doing right then and pray….but I’m off track. I’ve found comfort knowing that God knows our needs and what we’ll pray for before we even pray…so in these situations where I don’t know the specifics to pray for I fervently and continually bring the situation before Him and trust that He knows the specifics more than I ever will. But I just keep praying – cause like you say, you never know when it will be the last prayer. Have a blessed evening!

    1. Right. In fact, considering “how” my prayers have been answered recently, I’m relying more and more on the Holy Spirit to help me get it right. Let’s face it, there’s always more that we don’t know, isn’t there? Thanks for commenting and have God bless.

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