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Is God’s timing great or what?

God’s timing.

God’s timing is amazing, which is why I had to share this with you today. I usually don’t post on Friday, but seeing as I’ve only posted twice this week, I figured it would be OK with you. But I have to take a moment to apologize in advance if you get two newsletters tomorrow. I have contacted Mailer Lite about this issue and have also deleted that newsletter and scheduled a different one.

The dilemma

Anyway, Word Press is changing a bunch of stuff and I have to switch themes. I’ve done it many times but this time I can’t revert to my old theme because they are retiring it. That means I will jump in the water with no life jacket. So, yesterday was a stressful day.

And that wasn’t the only issue. My niece is formatting the expanded version of “Depression Has A Big Voice……” She tried to send me the files to look at yesterday and they wouldn’t transfer. Then when they finally did, I opened it in Kindle previewer and when I scanned the pages, there were over 3,000! Needless to say, that freaked me out and really made me anxious. I started planning in my head how it would make it shorter. I texted my niece in my panic and she told me to pay no attention to that. The book would actually be between 250-300 pages which was what I had figured. So I breathed a little at that.

But there was still the issue with Word Press hanging over my head. I realized that my worrying earlier had been for no reason, so I went to prayer right away. I asked for forgiveness for getting so panicky and not trusting his timing earlier and asked God to give me wisdom when I contacted WP.

Here’s the good part.

Here’s how God’s timing worked for me yesterday.

I’m “chatting” with Word Press and telling them about switching themes and how anxious I was. And then God alone must have put these next words in my head because I have no conscious awareness of thinking about this. I asked, “Could I reactivate an old WP site of mine (I had retired one two years ago but continue to keep the domain name. It is called Depression’s Gift.) and practice with the new formatting that way”? I surprised myself with that question. The person helping me typed back, “Yes! Great idea”?! I felt so smart.

Anyway, that took such pressure off me. I could feel myself relax. I will still change themes because WP does not support completely my current theme with updates, etc. Kind of like cell phones. But for now, I can pick a theme that doesn’t require full editing on my part. Basically, I have till the end of the year at which time I should be able to do it. I will post on the other site, as well as this one for a while if you want to check it out. It will be fairly sporadic.

God’s timing is always right.

Anyway, God is good. His timing is spot-on. The number of times I have needlessly worried and gotten myself into a tailspin when I should have immediately brought my request before God is legion. Will I never learn?

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I hope my dilemma encourages you today. The instant you head down that “worry” path, immediately ask God to help you get right back on track. There is a big learning curve ahead of me, but now I know there’s no deadline.

God bless and trust God’s timing today like I didn’t yesterday