Is it Spring yet?

Well, where I live, there are two more big snow storms on the horizon. So I’m looking through one my favorite catalogs (Country Door) and drooling.

So many ideas. Too cold to start any of them. Sigh.

As much as I don’t mind winter, this one is getting real old real fast. Still I can dream.

Isn’t that a great thing about dreams? It’s free. No one knows your doing it. It keeps the mind from stagnating during a “long winter’ snap.”

So dream on everyone. Dream of warm breezes. Of sunlight. Of green grass. Of drinking lemonade on the patio. Sigh again.

Here are some pictures (taken from a moving vehicle so forgive me and no I’m not the one driving.
from the catalog to inspire and encourage you, especially if you live on the far western side of Michigan.