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Love this time of year. Do You?

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I love this time of year.

Now you might be asking why I love this time of year.

I mean, there are all the Christmas decorations to put up. There’s finding all the things you tucked away and now don’t know where they are. But it’s also a new year’s beginning, and I love that. This week is the transition week, the planning week, and the thinking and reflecting week. What worked last year? What didn’t work? Not just in one area but in different areas. Like spiritual, health, relationships, organization…..

white notebook and yellow pencil/love this time of year

I find taking time to look at our life and make goals for the next year important. Sure, we can do it anytime we want, but now is a good time. And we don’t have to do it all in one setting.

An example of change.

This morning I added some notes to the next book I am writing. I think it’s going to be about prayer. I wouldn’t mind God redirecting this because I feel totally inadequate to write about such a big topic. But I think God’s reasoning might be this: “Who better than someone who feels inadequate? She’ll have to totally depend on me.”

So this morning, I looked at my bullet journal and what I track. I have a row called Bible study and one called Prayer. I often wonder why I track it because it’s rare I don’t do both anyway. But I am currently reading two books on prayer, and I wondered, could I do better in both these areas? And, if so, how?

thinking through some things.

So, for next year, I am including under the prayer row, Praise, Confession, Requests, and Worries. I’m not sure I remember to do all these things every time. I’m including worries because I think sometimes I am unaware of what worries me. I sugar coat it. Do you? I want God to reveal those areas to me, those unspoken fears and worries. I want to be totally transparent during my prayer time, and I think this is one way I can track it.

I will also take time to write some notes about how our family Christmas celebration went, what I should do differently, what worked and what didn’t work. As I said, I love this time of year. Am I weird?

I should add I never mean to suggest that we are maudlin in our introspection. If it gets to that stage, more is going on that probably needs addressing. This isn’t a time to beat ourselves up about our failures but to learn from them. That’s not what Socrates meant. It’s not what I mean.

So that’s some insight into how I approach the New Year. Be sure to check out the free reflection workbook.

God bless, and have a great day.