regrets #2

I posted this morning how we can’t “live” someone else’s regrets, perhaps just another way of saying we can’t live anyone else’s life.

Wouldn’t you know I’m right now in the middle of something pretty big. Someone in my extended family is dying. I’ve not had much contact with him for many years. My parents moved twelve hours away when I was very young so the only time I’ve seen him is once a year until I was about sixteen and after that only for funerals.

But my husband has an audit job in Canada and we’ve planned for months that I would go with him as it is a long trip otherwise he would have booked a plane ticket. I don’t want him driving alone. So I am faced with a difficult decision. Do I stay and wait for the inevitable or do I go with my husband?

I have decided to go with my husband. I’ve decided not to stay home and wait to find out when or even if there is a funeral or not. There is a very small chance he could get better. 

About regrets-I make this decision after careful consideration and examining my priorities. They have always been with my husband and they continue to be. I feel torn but I don’t feel undecided. I pray for wisdom every day and unless God makes it very clear, I won’t change my plans. I’ve learned to trust God to re-direct me whenever He chooses. I like to think I know my Shepherd’s voice by this time.

Will I have regrets? No, I don’t think so. My husband and I need to get away. It’s been a stressful summer for a number of reasons. I do not plan on attending the funeral regardless. There is another relative near death in the same area and I am close to his wife and want to visit them in the next couple of weeks. I have to choose.

Will other people feel I should have decided differently? Will I get some “heat” from some people. Absolutely! But as I said this morning, I can’t “live” anyone else’s regrets and if I end up with regrets, they can’t live mine. But any regrets I might have won’t be because I didn’t think it through, didn’t pray it through. They will be more along the lines of wishing I’d expressed my decision better. But frankly I get tired of having to explain myself. It’s just gets old. Anyone with me here?

If I got it wrong, God will make it very clear.

Satan will try to condemn meeven if I get it right.

Just wanted to give you an update. 

God bless and I hope you have a good evening.

Eyes wide open I live with my decision. 

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