my hardest post to write coming soon

I’m writing  a  separate preface a few hours before I post “my hardest post to write”.  I didn’t want to include it in the body of the post because I didn’t want to detract from the post itself.

I want you to know why it was a hard post to write.  I wrote it over a period of a couple of years.  I wanted to get the tone of despair that was at the beginning of the story just right but then I wanted to make sure that my readers understood that despair has been replaced by hope, inspiration and love.

So I wrote the beginning of the story while everything was pain and shock was fresh. I didn’t want to write it in retrospect and gloss over how I really felt at the time. Memory can be deceiving.

I was going to post it on my grandson’s birthday but chose to pick his first day of preschool which is today.

I hope if you are facing something like this, that you will be inspired. What started as a seeming tragedy turned out to be the biggest blessing of my life.

God bless.