need some help

Hey everyone,

I need your advice.

I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog. Let’s face it, unless you’re a biologist, a fisherman, or a student working on a report, who else does a search about “worms”?

 I don’t post anything about worms.  Originally, the “worm” was a reference to “depression” and now that subject is covered under my other blog, “”.

This blog is intended to be more general and cover various subjects, including DIY projects, and more “fun” stuff. I have some ideas but don’t want to make a rash move.  Don’t want to get down the road and think I need to change again.

Would you please let me know what you think?  The “worm” now could refer to anything that gets in the way of our living fulfilled happy lives. So it would actually work butI would have to add something and then   the title might be too long.

So please tell me what you think.  Have any of you changed your blog’s name and could you share with me why you did it, your reasoning process, etc.? I would really appreciate it. Still on a steep learning curve.