Never again will I golf

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There’s probably been more than one “never again” for me. The one that comes to mind though is in reference to something I just said last week, “I will never, ever play another game of golf.”

I don’t know why I ever even played the first game. I guess I thought it might be fun. And if it could have been fun, I might have played again. But no one has fun golfing. People are way too serious. I’ve seen grown men throw their clubs. I’ve seen them rant and rave using very obscene words. Really? What is so important about winning anyway?

Yes, I know. Professional golfers make LOTS of money. But I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the men who are “Sunday golfers”. Do they consider themselves professionals? They must or every little stroke wouldn’t be so important. They sulk if they don’t play well. They talk incessantly about every hole and what went wrong or what went right.

While I was laughing and taking my time hitting the ball, the men coming up behind me were anything but amused. That was when I realized that I wasn’t supposed to have fun. I wasn’t supposed to play at my own pace.  Forget that!

So if I never golf again, and I most certainly won’t, it’s the men that act like children (I realize that not all do) that spoiled it for me. So there! (Thanks goodness my husband doesn’t golf. But he wouldn’t act like that anyway.)

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  1. Yes, I think there are a lot of “fun” things that people take way too seriously to really enjoy it. I played golf only once, myself. What I like along those lines is mini-golf. But only for the fun of it! Thanks for posting!

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