Do we play a part in our depression? Yes, we do.

Every once in a while I purposely read posts penned by those struggling with depression. My heart really goes out to those who have posted about their struggles. I wish I could talk to them in person. Or just hug them. Or tell them they will get through this.

Depression is so horrendous it breaks my heart to read their posts. I hope they have someone to talk to:

  • Someone who won’t judge them.
  • Someone who will challenge them.
  • Someone who will encourage them to examine their own lives and be willing to admit what part they play in their own depression.

Please understand, I’m not suggesting the old “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” approach.

Remember, I’ve been there.


But the hard truth is that we are usually our own worst enemy, especially when we’re depressed. People who fall victim to depression are usually people who feel the pain of life much deeper than most. They are usually highly intelligent as well as deep thinkers.

It’s just harder for them to shake off what so many others can.

It’s like their barometers respond to life’s pressures from a highly sensitized state. If they can learn to take those same qualities and turn them into strengths their lives will turn around.

It’s hard to look at ourselves and take some personal responsibility. Depressed people are no less culpable in this area than anyone else.

I hear it all the time. I hear it from myself.  The tendency to blame someone or something else for our current emotional state. And, of course, other people and other things do impact us. They can truly put us in a tailspin. But they do not, I repeat they do notmake us think or behave they way we do.

WE do that all by ourselves.

I am not talking about depression caused by grief or physical illness. And I am not suggesting that one might not need help in the form of medication and/or therapy for a while. But there’s sound research that suggests there are ways we can manage or sometimes even eliminate depression. It just requires a lot of work and some lifestyle changes.

Depression isn’t black and white for sure.

coffeeAnyway, if you are struggling today, don’t be afraid to ask yourself: How much are you responsible for your feelings?

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God bless and I hope  you have a good day.