playing nice

Why do we adults forget about “playing nice?”  I mean we teach our children its importance all the time.

“Amanda, you need to play nice.”

“Bobby, stop that and play nice.”

I guess when we grow up we become sophisticated and call it something else. But it’s still playing nice.

When we tell our children to play nice, what do we mean?

I think we mean we want our children to take turns, to share, be fair, no shoving or hitting, no tattling. Did I miss something?

So how should adults play nice?

adults playing nice
adults playing nice

→ Adults take turn by letting each person have their opportunity to speak.

→ Adults share their possessions as needed. They share their time and attention.

→ Adults play fair by not using politics to further their career. By not using people to climb the                                                                   ladder. By not lying to get their own way.

→ Adults don’t shove or hit with their words or prejudices.

→ Adults don’t point out others mistakes in order to cover their own.

So, can’t we all just learn to play nice?

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