Skinny pants? Uhm, not for everyone

Ok, here’s another of those times when I will probably upset some people. But here goes.

What’s with the skinny jeans and leggings everyone is wearing?

I went to a cross-country race yesterday. I couldn’t help but notice that boot-cut pants were the obvious exception. Tight jeans and leggings everywhere. And on every body-type.

Some women were smart and wore longer tops. Others didn’t. Not such a pretty sight.

Please understand I’m not suggesting that one has to be a size four to wear these styles. In fact I saw some size fours that looked absolutely dreadful in them.

Now you need to know that even as I write, I have a pile of old jeans ready to be sculpted into slimmer versions. And I have the boots and the long tops, etc. Like most women, I want to look good and be fairly up to date, fashion-wise.

But I gotta’ tell you, skinny pants are NOT for everyone. Having said that, I have to say I sometimes admire woman who don’t let body type determine their fashion choices.

I remember the controversy over a certain manufacturer because when women complained about the company’s yoga pants not wearing well. The manufacturer stated that their pants weren’t meant for certain body types. The manufacturer went on to say that the women who complained were probably buying the pants too small. This company got a lot of heat for those remarks.

But weren’t they right in some ways. Aren’t there some styles that because of age and body type should be avoided?

(I can just feel the tempers flaring.)

Please understand, I am NOT putting anyone down because of their weight, either underweight or overweight.

But can’t we all agree that we look better when our clothes are appropriate to our age and our body type?

Isn’t there really such a thing as good taste?

There are some things I avoid because I’m not a teenager. And, guess what? I don’t want to look like one. I like my age.

Now I know you’re dying to ask. Do I wear skinny jeans and leggings? Remember the pile of jeans under re-construction? Yes, I do.

But I always make sure my “bottom” is covered, especially in leggings. When tops aren’t long enough, you might as well be naked because every “nuance” is exposed. They leave nothing to the imagination and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be viewed that way.

As I said earlier, I know not everyone will agree with me. But let me ask you a question and I hope you will answer honestly.

When you spot a woman whose style you admire, why do you think that is? I would just bet it’s because they look, for want of a better word, classy. They’re clothes fit their bodies. Their clothes fit their age. They wear their clothes rather than their clothes wearing them.

I’ve been fortunate enough (due to my husband’s obscene number of frequent flier miles) to travel to  Europe several times.  European women are some of the most well-dressed in the world. They have a whole different view of fashion. They look like “ladies”.

Paris women
Paris women
Paris women
Paris women






















































This next picture is of a blogger I found who I think has got it right. You will find her post here.

skinny jeans done right
skinny jeans done right



























Yes, I’m gong to wear the “skinny” look this fall. But I can guarantee you, I will NOT walk out of the house if my bum is showing.

I hesitate to add a religious note here but I will. Years ago I read something that really impressed me. It had to do with why Christian women should dress modestly. The analysis was that as Christian women we should not dress in a way that encourages our fellow Christian men to look at us in a sexual way.

Hear me clearly here. NOTHING a woman wears or does is responsible in any way for what men think or do. I would never even suggest that. All the author was saying is that we have a responsibility to all other believers.. Why would we do anything to cause a fellow believer to struggle?

I would love to hear your honest and thoughtful reactions to this post.

God bless and have a good day.