Strawberry cake

Today I made a fresh strawberry cake from the Cake Doctor cookbook. However, this is not the recipe in my Cake Doctor Cookbook. My recipe didn’t call for gelatin. It called for three cups of chopped strawberries instead of two and only 1/2 cup of oil. Just wanted  you to know.

These are Christmas muffin liners. I didn’t have the jumbo muffin tins but I used them anyway. The frosting is one brick of cream cheese, a couple of tablespoons of butter, and enough confectioners sugar to my liking. Can you guess how hard it was to frost cupcakes that have all that paper around them. But I used a spoon and it was easy to do. I have an offset spatula but that doesn’t work on “high tops”. 🙂












Hey, do you see my Penny’s coupon?


Here’s the finished product. They’re pretty good but the strawberries were kind of dry. Not real juicy. So I decided to add a tablespoon of strawberry jam for a

a little more moisture. I thought they looked pretty. So how do they taste. They’re good. Not my favorite, but good.


 strawberry cupcakes
strawberry cupcakes





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