mom's birthday cake

Grieving a loss by baking a birthday cake

As you know from my earlier post, today was my mom’s birthday. I made this tiny cake for her and some cupcakes. I took a fresh rose and a cupcake to the cemetery and wished her Happy Birthday.

I did today just as I said. I took the day for myself. As the day went on, I felt a sense of closure. I miss her terribly. I will always miss her. I will also miss the lost opportunities to learn more about her. But she was a very close-mouthed person and kept most things to herself.

But I know she loved me. Not by the fact that she said it often but by what she did. She was always so good to me. That’s how she showed me her love. She would’ve given me her last penny had I asked for it.

By the way, that weird frosting? It’s a combination of chocolate and a brand new peanut butter frosting I just found. My mom LOVED chocolate and peanut butter. So I combined them both.


Happy Birthday, mom.

mom's birthday cake