cover of a book/don't let fear stop you

Wow. My name in lights. Finally

Wow! Yes, I’ve seen my name in lights.

I had a book -signing on a recent Monday night at a library. They even had a marquee with my name in lights. it’s kind of hard to read because I needed a real camera to filter out the glare of the flashing lights.

There was good discussion and people were very open to sharing their stories. I’m more convinced than ever that most people struggle with either depression and/or anxiety.

One person mentioned that they felt the book was an honest book. That was a real compliment and the thing I worried about the most as I reveal a lot about myself in the BOOK. And yet that was what appealed to this person the most. That made the painful divulgence of my inner struggles with depression worth it.

And it’s pretty surreal seeing your book on a library shelf and your name in lights as well. For me, that’s better than seeing it on a bookstore bookshelf

Besides, the point of the book was to help people, so a book circulating at the library is the best because it doesn’t cost anything.

Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams. God is greater than all your fears.

God bless and have a great day.