an alphabet of thanks, “I”


Did you know that words that begin with “I”, as opposed to other letters, often have a negative implication.   INsincere, ILlogical, Inane, IMpatience, INtoleratable, INsane, INconsistent, IMpaired, and so on. However, IMpossible, while usually seen a dream killer might well be a concept that can encourage us to challenge its meaning.  I’m thankful for the “impossible.”

When I think of all the impossible things in this world that have proved to be possible, I’m inspired. ) Yesterday, I had my “thankful” letter handed to me  while checking out my groceries.

I chose what looked like the shortest line. Lots of people, but they were all together. They were buying two birthday cakes. Big ones. As the  young woman placed the second one on the conveyor belt, I noticed it was for a first birthday for a little girl. My powers of observations are practically genius. (Yea, right.  :)) It was pink and the words “Happy Birthday, Susie.” (not the little girls real name) were piped on in pink as well.

Anyway, the young mom and I struck up a conversation. She said, “She’s my miracle baby.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, she was born five month premature and weighted one pound. She’s already walking now and  is perfectly normal”, the proud mom explained.” When she was born, the doctor’s said she wouldn’t make it. It wasn’t possible.” (Read that as “impossible.”)

Well, there you go. Impossible?

So for everyone who thinks a four-month fetus is just a gelatinous blob, don’t go there with me. Not ever! And don’t tell that proud young mom that either.

So today I’m thankful for all the “impossible’s” in this world.