bedroom reno’

I made these bird pictures for my recently renovated spare bedroom. I really like how they turned out.  Didn’t cost me anything other than the pictures which I think I paid about $3.00 total.  Will include more of this bedroom re-do in future. It turned out even better than I thought.

I purchased these pictures because the mats were perfectly white and the frames were great. Then I cut out bird shapes from metallic wallpaper (a wallpaper book I picked up years ago) and some glittered scrapbook paper. The legs and talons are drawn with black magic marker. When completed, they were put back in the frames. The bedroom you are looking  at is evolving. I love how it’s turning out. Everything is an antique or from thrift shops except for wonderful blue medallion above the bed. I wrote captions for the pictures but they’re not showing up in the preview so I included the description of the project just in case.

I have some more plans for this room. Maybe paint the bed black. The chest next to the bed needs a new coat of paint. Think it will be white. Also, the drapes are not white enough for me so will keep my eyes open for different ones. As the ceilings are higher than normal and the rods are almost at the ceiling, that presents a problem. I could always buy fabric but it’s going to be have to be really cheap because I will need at least ten yards. Till then, I’m going to have to be happy with these.

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  1. Thanks. It’s actually prettier than the picture but I don’t have a great camera. Don’t know about the talent part-I just like doing it. 🙂


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