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Last year my husband and I were having a conversation about and redecorating the bedrooms. He looked at the ceilings in this room and in another bedroom and said, “What’s the point of redoing the rooms when the ceilings look like their about to fall down.?  You know where this  is heading, don’t you? Here are some before pictures.

  Faux deer 030   Look at the trim. Pathetic, huh? Remember, this house is over 1oo years old! Faux deer 099Faux deer 033  Finally, it’s done. I moved the rods to the ceiling which are nine feet tall and just let them puddle. The green coverlet at end of bed I purchased at Goodwill for $5.00



This is a close up of the great medallion piece I bought at Hobby Lobby. The color is perfect.

This is close up of bed and wonderful medallion I recently found at Hobby Lobby.. Am thinking about painting the bed black for a little more contrast.

The color was perfect. The “dream” garland above was traced from stencils and then cut out of scrapbook paper and glued to a ribbon. The pillows on the bead are all vintage ones I’ve picked up over the years.You will notice the bird pictures to the left of the window in a previous picture. I loved the frames but hated the picture. I knew I would end up putting a different picture in them. One day I took out some wallpaper samples and began drawing. I like the metallic paper so thought, “Hey, I’ll create one bird for each picture. I wanted the pictures to be very simple. Here is the original picture. 001

 Metaliic wallpaper cut into shapes
Metaliic wallpaper cut into shapes

 Added wings with "sharpie"
Added wings with “sharpie”
 Final product
Final product
Pictures on the wall.
Pictures on the wall.

Here is another view of the bedroom. For some reason the pillows and the chest have a pink cast to them which isn’t correct.IMG_2298

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