painted secretary/burning bridges

Chalk paint is great. Right?

Chalk paint is one of my favorite ways to paint furniture. This is a great DIY project from last winter.

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It took me a long time to decide to paint this secretary. I knew once I started, there was no turning back. The first coat was a primer. Wait till you see what I did with the glass door. Would you believe I can’t find a picture other than this one of the original piece? You can’t see it but there is a glass door.

black secretary

I painted it!

Yep. I was tired of having to arrange and display items when what I really needed it for was storage. So I thought, “Why not just paint it?” You can tell I painted all the scrollwork.

Here’s the new version.
There was no plan. I painted three coats of chalk paint that I made myself using Plaster of Paris and Cottage White by Behr. I always make my own chalk paint. There are all kinds of formulas online.

I sanded off much of the white chalk paint off the scrollwork and then used a black marker to highlight various areas, where I couldn’t remove as much as I wanted.


The vase you see on the floor in this next picture was one of those happy accidents. I spray-painted it creamy white and it started to run really badly. But I liked how it was looking and had a great idea.

So, I purposely painted it some more so the paint would continue to drip. After it dried, I painted over it with gold spray paint, highlighting the dripped areas. I kept spraying and allowing the paint to run down the sides until I was satisfied with how it looked. It turned out great.

black/white  furniture/diy

I am so glad I painted it. Using chalk paint made it so easy. And painting the glass on the door was a great idea. I now have a storage area that I needed plus I don’t have to worry about styling the shelves.

So what do you think?


When I was writing this post and thinking about how chalk paint covers all the imperfections without all the prep work, I couldn’t help but wish God used chalk paint on me sometimes.

I mean it gets a little old having my rough spots sanded.

Maybe today I’ll pray, “God, couldn’t you just chalk paint my mistakes for one day?”

Don’t you wish the same yourselves at times?

Anyway, God bless and have a great day.

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