Don’t let those naysayers get to you.

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(This was written a couple of years ago.)

So what’s this Christmas season looking like for you this year?  For me, I’m pretty much working non-stop but feel like I have a handle on everything. Hubby and I have been having a ball making cut-out cookies. There’s nothing more appealing than a man who actually likes making and decorating cut-outs.

Then my brother dropped off my mom and she helped me make Mexican Wedding Cakes. It was great and as her health has not been good, it’s wonderful to know I would  have this memory to look back on. I get a little teary-eyed knowing there won’t be that many more so I made sure I tucked away every moment for safe-keeping. (She died a little over a year ago. Her last Christmass we made chocolate chip cookies. I showed her how to use a spoon and put them on the pan. She wasn’t able to do too many before she started getting frustrated so we quit. But because we did that, I felt like maybe things weren’t as bad as they really were.)

My quiet journey this year has all been within me. While I’ve been bustling around, I’ve reminded myself often that the true gift of this season is peace and I’ve felt that peace this entire season. That’s kind of unusual for me. I’m not the peaceful type.

\But my peace isn’t because everything in my life is perfect. Does anyone have that?

But no one can and no circumstance can really steal your peace unless you let them.

I’ve come a long way and can now let people wallow in their misery and not take me along for the ride. A great improvement.

If you’re dreading this holiday season, try to find a way to keep your spirit full of peace and joy. For me it’s through the running conversations I have with God. Like today when my mom was over,

“God, I’m so grateful to have this Christmas with her.”

Or when my husband and I were cutting out the cookies,

“God, thank you for my husband’s love.” 

Christmas cookies

Hang in there and if that old enemy, depression, is nipping at your heels, read the Christmas story; try and feel the quietness and peace of that night. Remember, Christ was born to redeem us and that means from depression as well.

I hope the next time I write, I’ll be telling you that the cookies have all been baked, the presents all wrapped, and the house finally clear of boxes, glitter, ribbon, etc.. Hmm, seeing as Christmas is only ten days away, I’d better get busy. 🙂

God bless.

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