pallet coat rack

Wait till you see this pallet board coat rack

(I’m reposting for few days for some good reasons:  I have something painful going on with the underside part of my thumb that makes it painful to do anything with my hands, and most of you are busy preparing for Christmas. So for today, here’s one of my most favorite Christmas projects. Everyone loved them.)

Of course, you could always make them smaller. And you also could make them from lumbar other than pallet boards.}

I’m busy “crafting” for Christmas.  Last year I made three of these coat racks, one for my home. I love mine.

Anyway, I’m making another one this year. so instead of posting the progress about this one, I  thought, “Hey, why re-invent the wheel?”

So, here’s how I made them.

I had no plan as to design. I cut the boards at random with the longest being twelve inches, the shortest about eight inches. I picked out spray paint colors and just went at it. I staggered the boards and used different hooks.

You can see here how I decided on the length. I placed each long board next to the previously cut one and decided on the length. The board in the back is my backing board, an old shelf.

cutting pallet boards

Once I decided on the placement of the boards, I turned them over and placed a horizontal board across the back and screwed to each board.

Then I attached the hooks and “voila!”

I love mine as do those who received them last year.

The only thing about working with pallet boards is finding enough boards that are the same depth. They are all so different.

Plus, every once in a while I find one that is so “hard” it’s almost impossible to drill a hole. That’s when I call in “the big guy”.

Even he sees they’re hard to drill.

Anyway, gotta’ get to work.

God bless and have a good day.


pallet coat rack



pallet coat rack









God bless and have a great day.