Why it’s OK to ask God “Why”

July fourth, around 10:00 pm I get a phone call.

It’s my daughter saying my six-year-old grandson has been bitten by a dog.

In the face.

I mean, the dog had his whole face in his mouth.

They were on their way to the ER.

Thank goodness, it was OK. The dog was a friend’s dog and all the kids had just been playing with him. No one actually saw what happened even though there were people in the room. Thank goodness, his shots were up to date.

He is doing better now but there were some trips back to an Urgent Care Center and then to Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. HIs stitches were removed and one of the bite wounds started oozing a little.

But he is doing better.

But you know what I thought?

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My immediate response was that I was a little upset with God.

“God, don’t you think having Down’s Syndrome is enough. Now the poor little kid has to go through this? What’s up with that?”

I mean, haven’t you been there?

Asked God, “Why”?

For me, that’s one of the greatest graces I experience through having a relationship with our heavenly father. It’s OK to ask, “Why”?

God is not offended.

God is not like us when people challenge us. He knows we are crying out from our own humanness. He knows we mean no disrespect.

Really, how great is that?

So if you are going through some crisis and you want to ask God “Why”? go right ahead. If Jesus didn’t get upset with doubting Thomas, if he told him he could touch his crucifixion wounds to be convinced he had indeed risen, God can certainly handle your questions.

We serve a very big God.

God bless and have a good day.

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