farmhouse basket

great farmhouse basket and “zen” birdbath

Hit some garage sales again. Thought I’d share some treasures with you.

This is a wonderful old wooden basket I bought for fifty cents. Funny thing, though. I now have two of them and have no idea where I got the second one. I lightly sprayed it with whatever white paint I could find. Then I used a black marker to spruce up the wire handle.




This is the only kind of dog I will ever have in my home. No pooping, no barking, no biting, no shedding, no chewing. He was $3.00 but I talked the seller into $2.00 because his right front leg was cracked. Wouldn’t you know I cracked it some more when I took it out of the trunk. So I took tissue paper and white glue and made a kind of “cast”. Then I painted over his leg and all is well. He goes great with my new shabby chic living room.


This next picture is perhaps my favorite “find” so far. The base is from a birdbath. Cost: $2.00. The tray is metal and has one missing “leg.”  What to do with this tray? Bingo. Went outside and stuck in on the pedestal base.

Cost of the birdbath? Only $2.00 for the pedestal base.

I placed a rock on it for butterflies. It has a real “zen” feel, don’t you think?

I just love it when I have days like today when all the creative juices are a firin’.



God bless and have a good day.

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