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How dreams can be revealing

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Dreams can be very revealing. This dream was about tablescapes. And it gave me some clarity about a writing process I was trying to figure out. I’m going to share all the weirdness with you.

The dream

First, it took place in Paris. Nice, huh? I accompanied my husband to a business dinner. It was in a fabric shop. (It’s a dream, remember?)

I left the table to shop, came back with some fabric, and was oohing and aahing over them. I had brought some samples back to the table and was telling my husband how it was all going to go together. The business executive was listening and called his wife. She shows up and was thrilled with my fabric selections as well. Apparently, the man’s wife was planning a big party and wasn’t happy with her table decorator.

a woman in traditional clothing setting up a table/dreams

the tablescape

She asks me to decorate the tables for her party, and I agree. I find the most amazing pieces of fabric for tablecloths. I started with brown velvet for a floor-length first layer and kept adding various layers that got smaller and smaller until the last piece was just a small round of fabric. There were about six layers in all, and it was over-the-top, beautiful, and lush.

The woman loved it, and after the party, I was sought out by all her friends. They told me there was enough business to make me very rich.

But I turned them down. I knew I was good at it, but I told them it was not what God wanted for me. Then I woke up.

God speaks

Of course, we know that God spoke through the dreams recorded in the Bible. Jacob, Daniel, Mary, Joseph, and others all had dreams, and God spoke to them through their dreams. So why not us?

I had just sent off the expanded version of Depression Has A Big Voice. Make Yours Bigger! to my editor. I was finishing up my second non-fiction. But I wasn’t happy with my research organization. I needed a better way to track my research. I spin my wheels too often.

I had looked at various plans online but wanted a more hands-on approach. I wanted to go old-school with paper and pencil but was at a loss.

the dream interpreted.

But the dream gave me a plan I needed. How you wonder?

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Remember, in the dream, I started with the biggest tablecloth first and kept adding smaller and smaller pieces until I completed the tablescape. That made me think of my research.

the solution

I am going to use note cards. Just like with the longest cover I used for the table, I will outline each section with a larger piece of information and continue down to the details. Like the layering of the fabric. I

I can visualize it all in my head and how I will use the notecards. Do you see how God’s dream gave me direction for a practical issue I was struggling with?

But there is more.

I write in my newest non-fiction book that just because we are good at something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s God’s call in our lives. As you recall, I was told in my dream that I had a future as a decorator, but I knew it wasn’t what God wanted me to do with my life. The dream clarified my purpose for me as well.

If I question myself in the future about writing, I will see this dream as my definitive answer.

Don’t be afraid to ask God to clarify something for you. Sometimes God will, and sometimes he won’t. And sometimes, it might be through a dream.


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Sometimes we are afraid to ask God for clarification.

I mean, what right do we have to ask God to explain anything? Except that God tells us we can. We can ask God anything. Don’t be afraid. God will give you clarification if you need it. If you don’t receive it, it’s because you are to move on in faith. God will give the clarification you need as you need it.

God bless you this week, and don’t be afraid to look at your dreams.