Angels, weird dreams, and God, all together

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Angels and weird dreams

Do you have weird dreams? I do. Not often, But I remember one in particular.

I, and a lot of other people, were in this house. I don’t know who these people were or why we are all together in this house. The house was kind of secluded. I don’t recall whether were talking to each other, but I don’t think so. I only recall everyone milling around. while we were there, the strangest thing happened. Some sort of “force” hovered over the house.

We all started cowering while at the same time looking out the windows because the colors were amazing. They swirled across the color palette. The colors blended together at times, and the result was colors I had never seen before. It was beautiful and terrifying, and we were mesmerized.

colorful acrylic paints mixed together/dreams

But what was the force up to? It might be beautiful, but it could also be deadly. We locked doors and windows and cowered inside. The “force” kept swirling around the house, and the colors seeped in, and the air became colored.

Years later (in my dreams)

I have no idea what happened next, but all of a sudden, it was years later (still in my dream), and I found myself back at the same property once again. The house was gone. Only the concrete basement remained. At one end of the basement, a set of stairs was going up to nowhere. The steps were covered with sand.

I walked over and began brushing off the sand. I felt something under a particularly high mound of sand. I love finding “treasures” ( in my dreams as well as in real life). Thinking this might be such a treasure, I began to brush with greater care, using the blush brush I had in my purse. Gently, I lifted up the object.

A small child-angel

It was a cement statue of a small child angel. But it wasn’t a sweet-looking cherub as most of them are. This little angel looked fearful. I had the uncanny feeling that she’d been a real child that had somehow been trapped and turned into stone. Was she the swirling dervish we had seen? Had she been seeking asylum instead of seeking to harm us?

white cherub statue/dreams

Or was the stone angel me? Is it me that’s feeling buried? Had my fear of the whirling “force” been unjustified? Had the little angel been sent to comfort us?

It was a crazy dream. Obviously. I have no idea why I dreamed it. And I almost never remember them. Why did I remember this one?

I can think of all kinds of explanations. Was I the angel? Was I feeling buried?

At the time, my mom was going through a very rough patch. She had fallen a lot and could no longer drive. I had been scared that day would come and felt overwhelmed by the thought. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility. I selfishly worried it would interfere with my life and that I would prove a disappointment to myself. And I was just plain scared.


Scared my heart would turn to stone.

A few years ago, I wrote a piece of prose and came across it when editing this post for today. Coincidence? This was not written at the time of the dream. But clearly, one of the ways I handle anxiety is to think of wings. And two of my favorite Bible verses both reference wings, Psalms 91:4 and Isaiah 40:31.

Angel’s wings capture my fears and hopes with their feathered tendrils, holding them close.

Taking flight, they spread their wings

scattering my fears in abandonment over the vast horizon.

My hopes remain safely tucked away under their feathers.

My soul is restored.

God and dreams

Most of the dreams in the Bible occur in the Old Testament. The dreams in the New Testament occur around the birth of Jesus.

God spoke to mankind in different ways in the Old Testament. He used these dreams to guide decisions. There was no Holy Spirit. And even in the New Testament, dreams occur before the Holy Spirit’s coming. It seems to me that once the Holy Spirit was released, guidance through dreams became unnecessary.

And to rely on that kind of leading when we now have the Holy Spirit reeks of mysticism. We no longer need dreams to follow God. Rather, the Spirit has been given to instruct Christians in wisdom. To look for dreams for guidance instead of learning the ways of God from the Scriptures keeps us immature, and we are to grow in Christ.

Does God still speak through dreams?

God can speak however he chooses. It’s not that he can’t speak through dreams, but more how he might speak through dreams today will be different.

First of all, our dreams will never be a new revelation, like in the Old Testament. Their message will always be consistent with revealed Scripture. God may use dreams to get our attention if he’s tried to connect with us in other ways and we haven’t listened.

If we think we’ve heard a message from God, we need to check it out with God’s word. We need to sit on it for a while and perhaps talk with a mature believer. We should never act on a dream without some serious Bible study.

The message in a dream will be confirmed through scripture, the Holy Spirit, circumstances, and fellow believers.

Do our dreams tell us something?

white orange and gray tabby cat lying on gray textile/dreams

Yes, our dreams can be very revealing. Sure, sometimes, they are no more than a physical reaction to something we’ve eaten. And often, they mean nothing. But if you have the same dream often, it might very well be something to pay attention to. God may well use a dream as another form of communication, using our dreams to get our attention.

When we’re stressed, we dream more stress-type dreams. So if we find ourselves dreaming a kind of dream when we are threatened or scared, …… maybe we are feeling more stress than we admit. This is a heads-up to examine our stress levels.

photo of a woman sleeping near fluffy clouds/dreams

While dreams are not God’s common form of communication anymore, we shouldn’t just dismiss them. They often reveal our subconscious fears. Maybe our subconscious hopes.

We are total beings, meaning our dreams reflect our emotions just like our physical bodies do.

How about you? Do you remember your dreams? Have you ever had a scary one or a reoccurring one? Give your dreams some thought and see if they reflect any issue you need to address.

God bless, and have a great day.