Why I needed Bob Seeger this morning

Where is Bob Seeger when you need him?

I took my walk last week. I needed Bob Seeger, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Elvis Presley.  They were nowhere on my new phone. I forgot to save them to the “cloud”, so I had to walk in silence. Not a good think when you just want to be distracted.

But I guess God decided we needed a heart-to-heart “walk and talk” session anyway. There was a lot on my mind that morning, and none of it good.


Why I needed Bob Seeger this morning

I have some decisions to make. None of them easy.

But it was a beautiful fall morning and while nothing got solved, I enjoyed the quiet for a change.

Why I needed Bob Seeger this morningI’m trying to incorporate more and more “quiet” into my life these days. I’m tired of all the political bickering and just want it all to be over soon.

Don’t you, really?

I think sometimes we are afraid of the quiet. We don’t want to be alone with our thoughts. They might reveal “us” to “us”. 


But one of the hallmarks of our time with God should be silence. How else is God going to get through all the “earthly babble”? I used to be a guest soloist at churches when that kind of thing was the tradition. Now, it’s worship teams. There was one song I performed frequently, “In Heaven’s Eyes”. The song refers to this earthly babble that God has to get through.

It was recorded by a number of vocalists but I really like this one by this beautiful young woman.

So the next time your life is too “noisy”, take a break and surround yourself with silence and give God a open airway to your heart.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.