big cookie making day in our matching sweaters

Yea! One of my favorite days of the Christmas season, baking cookies with my hubby.

We’ve kept our matching sweaters for years and bring them out for a run every Christmas.

Yes, I said “matching” sweaters. How hokey is that?

There was a time when this was all the rage. My husband bought these for us when we were dating. We’ve kept them all these years.

cookie making sweaters
cookie making sweaters

When I put it on, I’m an “in-love teen-age girl” all over again. (Hmmm, is there an ulterior motive here somewhere?)

When I met my hubby he had long side burns and lots of dark hair and brooding good looks. I was a huge Elvis Presley fan and when I first saw my husband, I was smitten. He looked, walked, and talked very much like Elvis.

It wasn’t a put on either. It’s just who he was.

He was wearing all black that day, black sweatshirt, black jeans, and cowboy boots. For a good little Baptist girl, he was the forbidden fruit.

As it turned out, he was and is the most remarkable person I”ve ever known. So wearing my sweater today reminds me of what a precious and remarkable gift he is to me. I could go on but this is supposed to be about the cookie-making.

We will be baking our famous ANZAC cookies today. I will explain what they are and give you the recipe as the day goes on.

Right now I’m behind in my prayer time and that comes first.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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