barn wedding/inspirational

What a beautiful thing to see. A barn wedding.

I regret my wedding day. Oh, not the getting married part. Marrying my husband was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done. We are so in tune with each other we can complete each other’s sentences. And yet we still manage to surprise each other now and then. We have been blessed.

It was the ceremony itself.

We gave in on so many things we wish we hadn’t. My parents were fine but my husband’s parents demanded we do things the “Polish” way. That meant a very long two days. Not just a rehearsal dinner, but a breakfast, a lunch and then the reception in the evening. It was a big reception.

However, I did love my dress.

My husband and I were young and didn’t have enough gumption to fight them. We both agree we’d love to do it all over. In fact, we left our own reception early. And I think if we were doing things differently it just might be like this.

We took a country road one Saturday and we went by this. I had my husband turned around at my insistence so I could take pictures. I’ve only seen a barn wedding in a magazine.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Bright blue skies. A few scattered fluffy clouds. In other words, perfect. Here they are getting set up for the ceremony.

barn wedding/inspirational


This picture is a little fuzzy. The white columnar things look like they were for appetizers and drinks.

barn wedding/inspirational


Apparently, the reception was in the barn. Isn’t it great?

barn wedding/inspirational

barn wedding/inspirational


There’s just something about this whole scene that really appeals to me. How about you?

Was your wedding what you wanted it to be?

If you could do it over, what would you do differently?

I’d love to know.

God bless.


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