Changing the name of my blog


Some things I need to explain.  I realized (should have sooner) that the title of this blog isn’t working.  I mean, really, who “googles” worms, unless you’re into nature, fishing or some other science field?

So, I started another blog called “”.  Already, it has taken off because the title is appropriate to the content.  While I will continue to post to this blog, it will probably be evolving and become more of a site for DIY projects and various other subjects as I develop it more.  I will eventually change its name although I really, really, like it.  It says so much about life and depression.  Oh, well……live and learn.

So if you started following this blog because it focused on depression, you will want to follow “”.  Hope to see you there.

(I hope I’m not the only blogger out in blogland that has had a false start.  Stay with me.)