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Is it OK for Christians to be happy?

I don’t know where you live, but here West Michigan the weather has been glorious for a few days. And while I am ready for sweater weather, I’m not ready for the cold, dark days of winter either.

I am reminded though that while the seasons can’t stay the same, I can’t either. Whether I like or not, life is moving fast. Sometimes so fast, it takes my breath away.

Am I the only one? I mean don’t you wonder where September went? And as for October, it’s flying by.

Truthfully, I would love to live every day where the weather is perfect and all my family and friends are healthy and happy.

Who wouldn’t?

But as surely as the seasons are changing so will my life. So will yours.  My circumstances will not always be perfect. I think of the parents of the four girls killed in that horrific stretch limo accident in New York. Four daughters taken from them.

Just like that.

I heard a sermon this weekend that reinforced my belief that God intends, no, commands, that we enjoy our lives, enjoy his blessings, be grateful for those blessings. It does no good to worry about the “what if’s”.

There’s no reason not to enjoy the blessings God has given us. There is no reason to be ashamed to say, “I’m really happy”.

Your happiness does not take away anyone elses’ happiness. 

My hubby has been in the hospital a number of times. One of the hardest things for me was to sit in an ER room while I heard other people laughing. I found it so jarring. But I’ve learned that this is life. While I’m maybe going through a hard time doesn’t mean other people have to subdue their joy. (Although I do think we should all be mindful when we are in the hospital of things that are happening around us. I certainly am now.)

With the flu season fast approaching I get worried.

“What if?”

But God already knows the “what if’s”. He’s got it covered somehow.

I’m a natural worrier. It’s like second nature for me. So I have to work hard at keeping a God-originated joy. Not some trumped-up “Hurrah”. that is nothing more than the world’s view of joy.

The world’s view of joy always depends on one’s circumstances. Jesus says there is a different kind of joy, a joy that comes from knowing we are in God’s will.

But a deep abiding joy only comes from the love of God. I think we Christians have limited our happiness because we have a misguided view of happiness. I can think of no Bible verse that suggests we should live our lives as miserable human beings. That’s sure attractive to other people! Duh!

I just checked out this book from the library. It’s a huge book so I put it on my Amazon wish list. I love Randy Alcorn but he does have a penchant for very long books. I’m looking forward to reading it.



Faith/Inspirational/Happiness Randy AlcornGod bless and have a blessed and happy day.


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