metal wall "thingee"

Getting priorities straight after a loss

My poor husband. He’s not only had to take care of my mom’s estate, the sale of her house, getting all the paperwork together but he’s also been repairing things at the cabin. We had to buy a new air-conditioner, a new grill, and a new lawnmower. All for the cabin. We looked like “The Beverly Hillbillies” with our truck loaded up.

So my husband spent an entire weekend putting it all together. Then he started working on the pump pit. When you have a cabin, you generally don’t have city water. You have a pump. The pump has to be underground, hence the pit. He thought it only needed new roofing shingles but when he took the old ones off, he learned there was termite damage in the wood itself.  So he had to completely reconstruct the roof.

As I watched him, I thought about what a lucky woman I am. He never complains about anything he does. He is always watching out for me. (I’m a klutz so I guess he has to.).

I started to redo my “stuff”, too. This is finally our time to love and live and enjoy our lives. My mom has been the deciding factor in everything we’ve done for years now. Neither of us ever resented it but now we are free to make plans as we wish.

I wish I could tell you I am finding that easy, but I’m not. The other day after I bought this really great wall “thingee” at Hobby Lobby, (Had looked at it before at $79.00. So I was a really happy camper to find it at 80% off which brought it down to $16.00. Actually, it should have been $15.80 but I won’t complain.) I bought it and as I put it in my car I immediately said to myself, “I’ll stop by and show mom”. Then I realized I can’t anymore. Her loss continues to break my heart.

metal wall "thingee"


metal wall "thingee"


I will continue to miss her. She was a huge part of my life but my husband is my life. It will be good to be able to focus on him.

God bless and have a good day.