Great Find for Teeney-Tiny Red Cabin

At Teeney-Tiny Red Cabin for a few days.

I’m busy painting (pictures, not walls, and oh, I forgot, furniture). My husband says I’m not happy if I don’t have a paint can in my hand. 🙂

Getting ready to head to local Goodwill store. Hoping to find some “treasures”. But here’s one I found at a garage sale last time we were up here.

The woman selling them said her Grandmother made them so I think they’re really old. They also look very complicated.  They  add some bling to our “kitchen”. I wish she’d had more but alas there were only two.



2 thoughts on “Great Find for Teeney-Tiny Red Cabin”

    1. Yes, I like keeping busy. Also, wanted to let you know I was at our “up-north” church and asked about Heather and Gabriel. You asked about them recently. Gabriel only has few more weeks of chemo. Heather is not dong well. Her MS is really flaring up due to the stress. Continue to keep them in your prayers and thank you for asking. God bless.

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