Is happiness delivered to us on a silver platter?

My husband and I were talking yesterday about decision-making and how our decisions either bring us happiness or they don’t. How sometimes we have to consider how decisions today will affect our happiness years from now.

How some people make good decisions but some people seem to make one bad one after another.

Then they wonder why they aren’t happy?

I mean, I certainly made some stupid choices myself and yet my life turned out wonderful.

BUT, it could have been a lot easier getting here than it was. At least I didn’t run from my challenges. For the most part, I met them head-on. But some of those challenges I brought on myself.

I think most of us think happiness is something that just comes to us. We don’t realize it doesn’t happen that way.

In the course of our discussion, my husband said something I knew I had to write a post about because he was so right.

“Happiness doesn’t come to us delivered on a silver platter.”

He is so right.

Happiness isn’t a state we find ourselves in just because we want it. Happiness is always the by-product of other things.

Happiness comes from thinking the right thoughts.

Happiness comes from doing the right things.

Happiness comes from meeting a challenge.

Happiness comes from being kind.

Happiness comes from doing good for others.


But one thing is for sure, happiness doesn’t come when we are narcissistic and self-absorbed.

Happiness is not delivered to us on a silver platter. We have to do those things, think those things, believe those things that bring us happiness.

Becoming depression-free is also not handed to us on a silver platter. We have to work hard for that freedom. I know that firsthand.

We can take pills (perfectly OK) but they will only mask the symptoms. The issues that got us there (unless medical), are still there. They will show up again.

So we need to address those issues and not be afraid of the challenge.

I hope you have started on that path.

God bless and have a good day.

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