A super cute, quick, and springy DIY. Try it today!

This is a super cute DIY for spring. I haven’t posted one for a while now. I’ve been too busy getting this latest e-book republished.

But last weekend my husband was on a fishing trip and I just had to paint something. I never have a plan. I’m a true “panster” in all areas of my life. I gathered up these paints just because I liked the combination.

I almost always prefer paint colors that contain yellow.

super cute DIY
super cute DIY

The original box (I made this years ago. I love boxes.)

Then I just started layering on the paint with no particular idea in mind. Just knew it would be done whenever I liked it. I did some dry brushing as well. For me, painting is the easiest way to DIY anything.

I had some artificial white roses, and I put them in drinking glasses and placed them in the box. Cute.


Below is the finished product. Cute and springy and took me under twenty minutes. You could try some version of this with a different container. Most of us have artificial flowers lying around. You could always paint those too or even just the tips. DIY’s are so rewarding. Super cute ones, even more so.

super cute DIY

The finished project. Now that I look at it closer, I think I will sand off around the edges. A little too done-looking for me. Take some time this week to do something you enjoy. God likes it when we enjoy the lives he gives us.

super cute DIY

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