The gift of depression

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Free from depression

Depression is awful. Right?

I’ve been depression-free for about 20 years now after many years of struggling with this mind-zapping, soul-sucking, dream-killing illness.

I certainly didn’t see it as a gift at the time.

I am still in Florida. Sunshine is so good for the soul. Living in Michigan presents some challenges. and the sunsets here have been amazing.

I’m not a doctor or “expert.” But I did a great deal of research and continue to stay abreast of all the latest information about mental health. I’ve often said that I’m as close to an expert as any non-professional could possibly be.

We all need rescuing at times.

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Everyone needs rescuing at times. My blog is my way of offering rescue. I hope I can reach out to many and throw them a lifeline. My struggle in overcoming depression wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy to quit the medication and fly solo.

Because I’m writing from my phone, I am only listing a couple of points today about what is not helpful in the struggle with depression.

What is not helpful in depression

Talking too much is not helpful

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One of the most valuable lessons I learned is that constantly talking about one’s depression can make it worse. I’ve read some blogs that are nothing more than everyone sharing their “pity” party. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I know (and solid research backs me up) that this doesn’t help.

Very often, what happens is that the listener is too empathetic, which makes it worse. Or they are so quick to offer solutions it’s almost demeaning. Everyone is an expert when it comes to what you should do, right?

We need to talk to people who really know how to listen and offer intelligent remarks when needed. We also need to talk with people who can inspire us. We need to share with people who love us enough to speak some truth into our lives. Others can often see those areas we are blind to.

Our bad habits are not helpful

Sometimes the habits that we engage in make our depression worse, but even with depression, there is a component of personality responsibility. While depression can seem to come out of nowhere, that’s seldom true.

Almost always, we can look back and connect the path to our depression. Many times it’s as simple as poor life skills. Are we our own worst enemy? I know I am at times.

If depression and its cure are within you, that gives you hope because it means it’s something you can manage. No matter what causes depression, you have the ability to manage it.

The Bible is full of examples of men and women struggling with depression. David’s psalms are particularly poignant.

There are many things we think and do that are not helpful. My book, Depression Has A Big Voice. Make Yours Bigger, addresses many of these issues and is free if you follow my blog.

Don’t let depression keep you in its prison. You have the keys to get out.

God bless and have a good day,