a creative and fun Saturday

It’s Labor Day and hubby and I are going to do just that-labor. I’m so excited.

As you know we’ve been kinda’, sorta” remodeling this big ole’ house for the last couple of years. We’ve been looking for a coat rack.

Couldn’t find anything big enough.

Looking for a bench/table  in front of window of sun room (it’s really an old porch, smallest room in the house and yet where we live most of the time). Needs to be very narrow but long.

Couldn’t find just the right size.

Looking for a “tallish” shelving unit for corner of same sun room/TV room.

Couldn’t find.

So-o-o-o-o-o-what do creative people do when faced with such a quandary?


We have some leftover pallet boards.

coat rack
coat rack

Bingo, Coat rack.

coat rack
coat rack

Have lots of leftover wood. We see a bench.

IMG_7952 IMG_7951

And, of course, everyone has an old wood ladder, right?


Add shelves and we have a tallish shelving unit.

Will post pictures when we’re done. I’m so excited. I love it when my husband and I work on a project. Of course, there will be moments. You know what I mean. 🙂

I see spray paint in my future, lots of it.  Doesn’t get any better than that and it’s on sale at Home Depot.My trigger finger is just itchin’

Hope you have enjoy this Labor Day week-end.  Hope you have a good day and God bless.