McDonalds is ok with me

My husband and I just saw a commercial about McDonald’s and a conversation ensued     about the bad press McDonald’s gets for its unhealthy food. You should know we rarely eat at McDonald’s but every once in awhile I have to have their fish sandwich, fat calories and all. And frankly, their iced coffee beats Starbucks by a mile.

But seriously, those of you who are upset with any fast food establishment (especially that  little girl who recently did an anti-McDonald’s commercial which I’m fairly sure came from her mother with her own agenda), let me ask you. Do you have anything unhealthy in your own home?  Do you ever eat anything unhealthy at any restaurant?  Of course, you do.

For some people, McDonald’s is the only thing they can afford. Hey, I’m well aware that a steady diet of fast food isn’t good but when it’s a choice between that and not eating at all, what is the choice? McDonald’s doesn’t have the corner on unhealthy food. Just because a restaurant has white tablecloths, candles and an expensive menu doesn’t guarantee their menu is any healthier.