Road trip

In Illinois. Just stopped at Mickey “d’s”. Young man behind the counter didn’t have a clue how to make an iced coffee even though it’s on the menu. Used regular coffee rather than espresso. Hubby and I needed the real thing not this watered-down version. We are on a very long car trip. We figure it will be at least four coffees to keep us going. Next time I’m going to make sure it’s made right!

But I gotta’ give the kid credit. This was the busiest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to. Yet it was the smallest one as well Plus, and this really surprising, it had the nicest outdoor rating area I’ve ever seen.

So that makes
1: The worst iced coffee ever!
2. The busiest McDonald’s ever.
3. The smallest interior ever.
4. The nicest outside eating area.

I love the contradictions. Isn’t life more interesting that way?

PS: Brought my knitting with me as I can’t stand boredom, and wouldn’t u know I was so upset about my iced-coffee I broke a needle when I shut the door.

(This post written via my phone and the rode is bumpy so forgive the errors. 🙂
Tried to download picture about ten times and I keep getting “failed” so either you are getting ten pictures or no pictures depending on whether or not my phone lied.