Peter and his faith. Why it was actually enough.

A little faith is enough

I once told a woman I was partnered with in a Bible study Group that I felt that I didn’t feel like I have a lot of faith. You would have thought I had denied the Virgin Birth.

The truth is I’m kinda glad I feel that way. I hope I always feel I need more faith. It keeps me on my proverbial toes.

Peter’s faith

Peter thought he had a boat full of faith. Good pun, huh? But Peter did have enough faith to walk on water. He gets a bad rap but let’s remember he did something none of us has done.

But when reality set in and the rooster crowed three times, he learned he didn’t have as much faith as he thought he had.

So it’s even more surprising that Peter layer denied Jesus.

I mean he and Jesus walked on water together! But alas, how many of us forget the times Jesus and us have walked on proverbial waters as well.

Our faith keeps us afloat

We easily forget the times we’ve walked on water through a crisis. When my husband had a heart attack and while I watched the paddles trying to bring him back to life, I was walking on water because God kept me from sinking.

But Peter got beyond his failures and became the leader of the New Testament church. He was the perfect choice because he knew failure. He knew what it was like to sink and deny because of lack of faith.

No longer did Peter boast about how much faith he had. Now he preached from a state of deep humility. I’ve often wandered about the self-recrimination and depression he must have suffered between the time of his denial to the time he realized his calling.

Do you?

Enough faith

I know that I am not as faith-filled as I want to be, because I facilitate back and forth.

But I also know faith comes by the word of God. And I’m faithful in that. Not because I’m such a great Christian, but because I’m so needy. So I figure I’ll eventually get there.

I am out of town for about ten days enjoying Florida sunshine and also reading a lot about praying in faith.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful opportunity to offer prayer to a stranger. Alas, I probably won’t be able to post about it because I have no internet and am doing this from my phone.

Plus, it’s hard to see your phone on the beach. Sorry. 😉

Anyway, have a great week and keep the faith.