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Exaggeration is too common. But not God.

So Michigan was supposed to accumulate over a foot of snow in one day last week.


Oh, the weather forecasters are saying that it will still happen. I’ve lived in Michigan for a long time. And let’s just say it’s going to have to “mega” snow the rest of the day to accomplish that. Which brings me to this point.

We know how the media is today. ALL of them have “Breaking news”,  every minute. 


And major snowstorms? Seriously. The weathermen and women call everything a major this or that, anymore.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of all the drama.

And drama is no friend to depression.

If you find yourself surrounded by drama, and if it isn’t yours, make this your mantra,

“Not my circus, not my monkeys.” If it isn’t your problem, stay out of it.” You have a bigger challenge and that’s your mental well-being.

It’s really easy to be drawn into someone else’s problems and try to fix it for them. I’ve learned that if someone comes to me with a problem, of course, I will listen. If they ask for advice, I will give it.

If they keep (this varies depending on the relationship I have with that person) coming to me with the SAME problem and I ask what they’ve done to fix the problem and they’ve done nothing, then I leave it with them. Sometimes kindly, sometimes not so much. Again, it depends on my relationship with that person.

When people are constantly tied up in one drama or another I can guarantee you there are other issues at play. If you are dealing with real depression, you do not have the emotional energy to take on their problems and yours.

But, GOD never exaggerates. When He told Moses He was going to free the Israelites, that’s exactly what He did. It took forty years longer than it should’ve because the Israelites didn’t believe God could or would do what He said.

Instead, they chose to buy into the drama of the reconnaissance team who said, “We can’t conquer that land because the people are too strong and their cities too big.” They didn’t believe God was bigger. You can read a quick summary here.

So that’s your choice today. Can you, more importantly, will you believe God is bigger than your depression?

Ignore the naysayers in your life and don’t buy into their drama.

God bless you and have a good day.

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  1. LOL! I was going to type amen—but Kay already said it for me! This is SUCH a great reminder to “stay in your own lane.”

    Happy day friend!

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