unique bathroom

This is the coolest bathroom ever!

I was at my son’s surprise party this last week-end.

He came over to me in the course of the night and said, “Hey, mom, have you checked out the bathroom? You’ve got to see it. You, of all people, will love it.”

So I followed him to the bathroom.

First of all, the party was in a garage. They were friends of my son’s and owned a huge farm in a little town. The fields and surroundings were just lovely. Here’s a picture of my six-year-old grandson in the fields.


(Yes, he has hands. His sleeves are little long. 🙂 )

Anyway, here’s the bathroom. This is the sink. The bathroom has no windows so it was hard to get good pictures.img_6236-1

unique bathroom

This is the “urinal”. Yep, this is an old metal milk container. I guess he has some work to do because the men were having a “problem” with some splattering.

winky face

The top of the wall is rough-hewn boards from an old barn. The bottom half is tin sheets.


Pretty darn cool, huh?

My mom said it looked too much like what she grew up with! She wasn’t a fan.

I told my husband I’d like something like this as at the cabin.