Some really great thrift finds and one “freebie”

Usually I post my great “finds” on Mondays. But this last Monday was to tell you all about what this week was going to be like.

But I really hit it big last week.

I visited a friend who lives near our cabin. We had decided hit some antique stores and she was going to drive. But she had just finished up a garage sale with a friend and had brought back the items that didn’t sell and needed to take them our of her car first. When she picked up the piece you are about to see, she asked me if I wanted it. She didn’t. I was ecstatic. Who wouldn’t want this? Well, actually, probably a lot of people. But remember I live in a very old home that really was a farmhouse at one time so I don’t even have to try to get the farmhouse look. I already have it.

Here’s what she gave me. Now tell me,  you aren’t envious. The thing is, what am I going to do with it?

chick carrier



Do you know what it is?chick carrier


Have you figured it out yet?
chick carrier


It’s a baby chick carrier. I don’t know what they look like now. I’m assuming they’re plastic but maybe not.
chick carrierAnd, yes, I thoroughly cleaned it. Think I might put some water based polyurethane finish on it to give it a slight sheen.

Can’t wait till I can decide where to put it.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.