When you just have to play dress-up

OK, so today I’m running to Hobby Lobby. Eighty percent off decorative items. I try to always hit this sale for birthday presents for friends and family.

But today, instead of bumming around in capris and a t-shirt I’ve decided to wear a skirt. I mean, why do I have these cute skirts and summer dresses if I’m not going to wear them?

Some days a girl just has to play “dress-up”, don’t you think? Besides, aren’t you tired of seeing people out in public looking like they just got out of bed? Don’t get me started. And since when did looking sloppy get so acceptable?

Of course, part of the reason is that it will keep me from working too hard. Until I change out of these clothes, of course. My mom would’ve liked my outfit very much and would’ve thought to compliment me. Strangely, my mother never thought she was pretty but she was. And she dressed like no ninety-year-old you ever saw. I always envied her figure and yes, I told her that often.

For some reason, this week has been harder than usual as I deal with her loss. I think for me, it might be delayed grieving. I handle emergencies really well but sometimes have delayed reactions. And as time goes by, it becomes increasingly clear I’m never going to see her again. Even writing that hurts.

Her birthday is coming up, July fifth. I plan on going to the cemetery to wish her Happy Birthday. As much as I miss her, however, I never would’ve wanted her to continue as she was, not for her and nor for me.

So today is dress-up day.


God bless and I hope you have a good one.