singing then forgetting

Remembering what God has done

That’s just what the Israelites did time and time again. They sang praises to God then immediately turned around and forgot what they were praising Him for.

Psalm 106 recounts the story. (as do other Psalms). Look at verses twelve and thirteen:

12: Then they believed His words (this is right after their pursuers were swallowed up by the Red Sea);

They sang His praise.

13: They quickly forgot His works.

How did they get from singing God’s praises to forgetting His works. And it happened very quickly. It’s not as if years and years passed.

But then how do we? How do I?


Because they were human.

Because we are human.


So what should we do?

There are probably many ways. But for me it’s thanking God each morning for the blessings of the previous day, And yes, there is always something to praise Him for, even if it’s only that I got up the previous morning and just made it through the day. I mean when you consider the alternative, right?

Anyway, my encouragement for you today is to remember to remember. Make it intentional. Find your own method. Come up with something creative.

I have a red bowl in my bathroom that holds small stones. On these stones, I have written the word “remember” with a Sharpie. This is based on Joshua four when the Israelites were instructed to carry a stone out of the Jordan River so they would remember what God had done. That’s my method. You can copy my if you’d like. 🙂

God bless and have a great day.