I had a Covid test. And then there are God’s tests.

My husband and I were heading home for our little up-north-Michigan cabin when we learned there was a free drive-thru Covid-19 testing site that was open for two days.

My husband had a scheduled testing in preparation for a colonoscopy this week. I decided I should have one as well as we saw our family over the week-end, social distancing and all that. I wanted to be able to tell them that I probably wasn’t infected when I saw them, for my own piece of mind.

It was very interesting. It didn’t take long at all. The line moved quickly.

I also felt it was good simply to give the health department in our town more information. It would certainly add to the database.

Let me just say, I hope the test with the shorter swab is available soon! Enough said. At least, it only took about five seconds. So there was that.

My husband’s test came back normal. Mine isn’t back yet but seeing as my husband’s was normal, mine probably will be as well.

Seriously, if you have to have one it only takes a few seconds so don’t worry about it.

Which brings me to tests in general, especially the ones that take longer than five minutes, the ones God allows or even at times sends our way.

There are some Christians I know who don’t ever see the “test” in their difficult situations. They don’t see that maybe, just maybe, their struggle is God reaching out to them, to grow them and draw them closer.

I believe God quite often allows us to wade through difficult situations. Maybe he’s tried to get our attention in other ways, more gentle ways, but we just didn’t hear him. I often thank God that he loves his children so much, he allows these trials to come our way because he wants to be closer to us!

But after a period of testing, I listen a little harder. I prefer to learn in easier ways.

I pay closer attention to how God dealt with the Israelites in the Old Testament. The admonitions that Jeremiah preaches to Israel over and over quotes God as saying, “because you didn’t listen to me”. These particular warnings are used often in the Old Testament to warn the Israelites.

I think it behooves all of us to remember God’s words of admonitions to the Israelites, “Because you didn’t listen to me” because they provide direction for our own lives, .

So “listen” when you read God’s word. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as you read. It’s so much better to learn what we need to learn the easy way.

I hope you have a wonderful day and be safe.

God bless you.

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