sleeping monkey on branch/COVID

Well, COVID caught us

COVID has finally caught us. We’ve been double-masked for over two weeks. We purposefully have kept ourselves more or less isolated. However, we did have eye exams, my husband was in the doc’s office last week, and one day he got his haircut. So somewhere in there, we were exposed.

Go figure.

But we breathe a sigh of relief because now it’s over and done. I think I posted my husband is officiating at both our grandchildrens’ weddings. Next month! So needless to say, it has all worked out well.

We had symptoms for about three days and they are now a fog. I’ve never slept so much. I could not keep my eyes open. Plus, the coughing, the fatigue, the sneezing, all the typical Covid symptoms.

selective focus photography of sleeping monkey on branch/COVID

But the worst part? My quiet time with God. I virtually had none. I never realized how important that time is to me. We can certainly take things for granted. When I was awake and not blowing my nose, I tried to pray for the people I usually pray for. When I tried to read my Bible, my eyes were so watery, everything blurred.

But today, I’m back on track. I’ve been in a fog. While I was praying this morning, I felt like I was having a conversation with my best friend. Because I was and I really missed Him.

The great news, though? I wasn’t missing in God’s eyes. He was right there watching over me as always. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t talking to Him because He was talking to me. And I can honestly say, He revealed some things to me even as sick as I was.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures.” (They didn’t feel green.) “He restores my soul.” He did.

I hope all of you stay healthy. And anytime you’re sick, remember, God isn’t judging your lack of time with Him. because He’s still having it anyway!

God bless and have a good and healthy day.