How TV networks “make news”

Today must be a slow news day. 

A major network highlighted this earth-shattering, very-important, news story:

A young girl is browsing a clothes catalog and notices that the casual bottoms for the boys are labeled “lounge” wear and the adjective used for the girls pants is labeled  “lazy”, obviously meant for a “lazy” day not implying girls are that way in general.

The girl is eight or nine.

So, all on her own, she writes the company and tells them she is upset by the term “lazy.” 

Of course, they respond and have her come to the store. They change the name and let her custom design her own pair of “lounge” pants.

Of course the camera crew is following her every move. Hmmm. How did they even know about this “story”?

First of all, are we to believe a nine year old really cares what her pants are called? I have visions of mommy in the background orchestrating this whole thing. (Of course, there are some very precocious children but to get on national news is something an adult contrives.)

Secondly, wouldn’t a better lesson to be learned be, “Honey, there are far more important issues in this world. How about you take on one of those and write a letter?” (assuming any of this orginated with this child.)

Thirdly, in my world a catalog with prices for little boy’s button up shirts starting at forty dollars, reeks of “I’m so privileged I’ve got nothing better to do, than encourage my nine year old daughter to take on this world problem”.


expensive boy's shirt
expensive children’s clothing
I apologize for the rant but


It’s a good lesson for all of us-to consider the things we get so worked up about. Most of what irks us is selfish and self-serving. 

sharing worh the poor
sharing with the poor

We need to take that same anger and direct it to issues that reach beyond our own little world.

kind to the needy

This includes me as well.
I let such trivial things upset me.

We all do.

Well, that’s it for this Monday. 

God bless and I hope you have a good day.