Tears in God’s bottle

Just having my quiet time with God and wanted to share this verse from Psalm: 56:8.

You have taken account of my wandering ; put my tears in your bottle.”

Isn’t that wonderful?

But what does it mean?

Here’s my quick analysis.

God is aware and takes notice of every tear, shed or unshed. (If you’re like me, you rarely cry. It’s all inside,
bottled up. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?)

I think it means that God so loves His
children, He keeps track of our tears (the bottle) and that someday God replaces those tears with blessings.

Maybe not on this earth and even it is, we may not be aware of those blessings because they may be given to others.But they’re still blessings and someday we will know about them.

I think the phrase that “no tear is wasted” might well have been inspired by this verse.

Anyway, just wanted to quickly
share this with you in case there are some tears being shed this morning.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.
(Being written from my phone so hope there aren’t some weird autocorrects.)