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Elephants, eagles, endorphins, energy, enough, entryways, exceptions, excitability, exercise, extravagant, education, enthusiasm.  Which to choose?  This is a hard one because in looking at all the words that begin with “E” very few of them are nouns and nouns are easier to write about. 

I’m going to choose exercise. When you think about it, it’s medicine that doesn’t cost anything. I’m not talking about joining a gym or buying expensive equipment although I have done both. I don’t belong to a gym anymore. I got tired of trying to look “cute” and holding my gut in the whole time. Plus, I’m highly competitive so that didn’t help.  I had to execute all the moves perfectly and have more stamina than anyone else. It was just too much like work-not the exercise, the putting on a good front. I wish I could say I’ve learned to relax a little but I started a Zumba class a few weeks ago and found myself resorting to some of my old behaviors. 

I’m one of those people who really does like to exercise. I like to walk and I like my elliptical machine (Hey, another “E.) for days the weather isn’t cooperative.”.) I don’t like “thinking” about exercise but I like knowing that I’m doing something proactive about my health and after the first ten minutes, I’m on a roll. I’m a strong advocate for using exercise to fend off depression as well.

I think I’ve said this before but I’ve literally walked off anxiety through exercising.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m writing a book about depression.  I started it about nine years ago. (Makes one wonder if I’m ever going to finish it, right?) One of the first chapters I wrote highlighted the various practical methods I use to fend off depression.  One I highly recommended then was exercise. Since then there have been numerous studies that prove that exercise works as well if not better than medication for mild to moderate cases of depression.

 I always wonder why people are so willing to take another pill when very often exercising and losing weight would accomplish the same benefit. Ask your doctor if you don’t believe me.  And by the way before you think I’m suggesting you buy expensive equipment, buy a gym membership or enroll in a class, you don’t have to do any of that.  You just have to walk thirty to forty minutes about five days a week. Before you give me reasons why you can’t walk a few days a week, you should know that I’ve had four foot surgeries. The other day I saw a woman in a wheelchair “walking” her dog.

One last thing though.  When I walk I still have to have my make-up on and look good. Sad, huh?

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