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Cabins, cotton candy, church, conversation-I’m thankful for all of these BUT……..    this is election day in the United States so I have to pick “choices”.

I’m so grateful I live in a country where I have choices. I can vote for whomever I want. No one can threaten me or take away that privilege. As a woman I have the same rights as men.  I can’t imagine living in a country where, because of my gender, I would have no voice in determining the direction of the government.  

We don’t have a perfect system in the United States. There are some changes in our election system that I would like changed. For example, the Electoral College is archaic and I would like to see our public officials elected by popular vote. I would like to see term limits for senators. I would like Congress members to be considered part-timers (because they are) with the commensurate pay and benefits that go along with part-time positions.  

But even with my dissatisfaction I’m still thankful to live in the greatest country in the world. This election may not turn out they way I want but it won’t be because I didn’t do my part. With choice comes responsibility.  If you live in the United Sates please be sure you vote today. We will stay a great nation only as long as we exercise our choices and stay actively involved in determining the course of our nation. Most of us don’t hold government office so the only “voice” we have is the one we exercise on Election Day. Yes, there are reasons to be disgruntled and cynical about government.  But what does it accomplish when we sit home and let other people decide for us?

I love presidential election days.  My friends think I’m nuts. For me it’s a wonderful day. I get really excited seeing the lines of people exercising their freedom. I feel like waving the flag and running up and down the street yelling, “Yea, it’s election day.” Since the first time I voted in a presidential election, I’ve loved Election Day. It’s bigger than the super bowl. My husband and I will stay up as late as we can, eating pizza and staying glued to the TV. I’ll whoop and holler when a state goes to my chosen candidate.  I will rant and rave when my candidate loses a state. But mostly I’ll just be grateful I live where I do. Can I just say? —” I’m proud to be an American”.

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